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  Chrys d932cac0dd try to fix ocrpdf -> failed 2 months ago
  Chrys 1156f062bc fix up typo 2 months ago
  Chrys 9825067c16 make it work with tesseract 4 2 months ago
  Chrys ce885776ac Merge branch 'master' of 2 months ago
  Chrys d4a590f8b3 make it work with tesseract 4 2 months ago
  chrys87 b775b7406f Update ocrpdf 1 year ago
  chrys87 5c8ba9a118 remvoe unneded dependency 2 years ago
  Chrys 1243f777ff stuff 3 years ago
  Chrys 54ad2c4949 add -p print to STDOUT option 3 years ago
  chrys afdcd3c85e use threading for pagecutting 3 years ago
  chrys bd72642d1c do not store transformed images 3 years ago
  chrys 5e153d6e8b clearup returnvalue 3 years ago
  chrys b8dfdd1904 layout recognisation 3 years ago
  chrys 07858428a6 automatic scale in non pdfs, make refresh working again 3 years ago
  chrys aca6ef2afb make image files readable, remove pypdf2 depency 3 years ago
  chrys 1b0ed6e43d only scale if needed 3 years ago
  chrys 601f429583 fix traces and racecondition 3 years ago
  chrys 1d33d3de24 cleanup 3 years ago
  chrys 655432001c threadsafe 3 years ago
  chrys c289498aee Todo and Version 3 years ago
  chrys 027e1f71ea multithreading implementation and bugfixes 3 years ago
  chrys d734cb91f2 prepeare for multithreading 3 years ago
  chrys 2719968f74 Todo 3 years ago
  chrys 798458ae78 convert magick to pil 3 years ago
  Chrys 38d2e1eba7 initial pdf import 3 years ago
  chrys 325f05927c encored ocrdestkop 3 years ago
  chrys 362da619e6 more cleanup from ocrdestkop 3 years ago
  chrys 6a696372c7 more cleanup from ocrdestkop 3 years ago
  chrys d3ad347714 init Todo 3 years ago
  chrys 9c7ba68a1f initial commit 3 years ago