Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Taboada d55019e657 Merge branch 'devel' of into devel 2 months ago
  Michael Taboada 38026bd9a5 Quick volume keystroke fix 2 months ago
  Michael Taboada 0f182f4ee5 Clean up unnecessary files and add a timeout to all curl commands. 3 months ago
  Michael Taboada 1a4bbbc672 Auto eat and drink added. Just type autodrink or autoeat then something to eat or drink, and noautodrink or noautoeat to disable 3 months ago
  Michael Taboada b852de4362 Dot notation fix 5 months ago
  Michael Taboada cd94e35e5e Fixed another issue with MSDP variables saving 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada 4da7ec8927 Fixed control c shortcut 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada f60333d3a1 Fix issue with non-string variables and the new way of preventing msdp variables from saving. 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada bdf0410912 Fixed issue if new sessions are opened which don't have the MSDP_ACCOUNT_NAME variable in them then closed 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada 7e28d77bb1 Fixed slight issue which would make your character class spammy if looked at directly, but did not affect nonsaving of msdp variables 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada 24973348ed Try to use more elegant way of preventing MSDP variables from saving to player files. 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada 4bf78f9ad3 Fixed the removal of many msdp variables from the msdp module when I re-imported the file from kallisti. 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada 0f64eb603e Fix for tintin deprecation of dot variable syntax and forall command. 6 months ago
  Michael Taboada af1e9eca93 Fixed issue causing prompts not to play alot of the time. 7 months ago
  Michael Taboada 3af58334b7 Fixed typoes causing health, mana, and movement prompts to not work. 7 months ago
  Michael Taboada 7b9791251b Try to fix the character variable being overwritten with nothing. 7 months ago
  Michael Taboada b48f0c30e4 Fix issue with swapping characters with lower health/mana, etc, and sometimes logging out. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada 67d3acee65 Added another channel replay check, and moved counterspell from autodo to recast 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada 893afbeb43 Removed the remember coordinates feature because cmark replaced it. Also allowed to list a specific cmark. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada 74bf3e48b6 moved hooks to a function so we don't need to write an ugly size if loop for every single one. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada d42ad9807c Switched away from using the more elegant way of preventing percents from sending errors because it doesn't trigger things like substitutes. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada eb53f39bcf New experimental sighted map split mode, type mapmode or nomapmode to enable or disable. Also fixed the clock chimes variable unsetting itself hopefully and removed paste that was half broken. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada cc8e73952e replaced the paula dean cooking sound since people didn't like it. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada 5cab101c71 You can now "cmark distance <name>" to see the distance to that location, calculated by the game itself. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada 722b77fefe Added a client marking utility to hold named marks. Type cmark add, remove, or readd name to add your current location, cmark list to see all marks, and cmark clear -f to remove all marks. 8 months ago
  Michael Taboada fda0c2378b mini-mike custom minipet shout sound and buffer 9 months ago
  Michael Taboada 7d5ff0dfad Sound updates 9 months ago
  Michael Taboada 6afc212542 Mail sound. 10 months ago
  Michael Taboada a1824ee326 Prettier empire territory output on show 10 months ago
  Michael Taboada 66cbc6ea42 Potal sickness sound. 10 months ago